January 14, 2012

So, Adobe, thank you for listening?

As a regular blog reader of a few selected sites, this recently caught my eye.  It came from Thom Hogan’s blog entry of 13 January.  To refresh, back in November Adobe announced a new policy, wherein all future updates would be “one-version update”.  Meaning in order to get an update you must have the latest version.  The alternative was to pay the full price (again) if you decided to skip one update to the next.

Thom Hogan and many others wrote articles in objection to this.  One of the best was Scott Kelby, famous for his Photoshop tutorials.  If I recall correctly Adobe had proposed an intermediate update, probably called CS 5.5.  Photoshop users were going to be required to buy this intermediate update so as to qualify for the full update less then a year later.  Basically one would have to had purchase two updates in one year to keep current and then be able in the future to obtain the next update (CS7?) for “only” the update price.  Sort of a “forced subscription” to be imposed on Adobe Photoshop users.

It would be fair to say that many people skip each generation output in favor of every other output, so as to benefit from more technological advancements and of course less cost or a better use of our money.  This would entail software and hardware products.  Even Thom Hogan wrote once about skipping one generation camera for the next.

Here is the direct quote from Thom Hogan’s blog entry of 13 January.It appears that Adobe heard their customers. The one-version update policy will be rescinded for CS6. When CS6 comes out in the first half of this year, anyone owning CS3, CS4, or CS5 versions will be able to get upgrades until the end of the year. In short, Adobe accepted one of the proposed compromises: a longer transition period before a one-version update policy takes effect (which, if I’m reading Adobe’s statements correctly, will begin in 2013).

So, Adobe, thank you for listening.”

Now I do not want to come across as demeaning Thom Hogan or anyone else, but ppppleaseeeee!  “Thank you Adobe for listening”?  Thank you Adobe for only being a 900 pound Gorilla instead of a 1200 pound one.  What Adobe is doing is still predatory.  It is nothing short of forcing a “must subscription” on us users.

My first purchase of Photoshop was 5.0.  Shortly after I was given the opportunity to upgrade to 5.5, which I did.  Then I skipped the next 2 updates (6.0 and 6.5) finding the new features not worth enough to fork out the cash.  When Photoshop 7.0 came out, I made the update purchase and have from then on.  Purchasing updates for CS1, CS2, CS3 and CS4.  So if I wanted to skip one update and wait for the next, that would make me a “bad customer?  One so bad that if I wanted to get a later update I would be punished for my “bad behavior” by having to pay the full price for Photoshop again.  But hey they are willing to give me and others a reprieve to the end of the year.  Man if that ain’t a boat load of generosity.

Have we as users become so afraid of “Big Companies” like Adobe, that we feel we need to thank them for something like this?  Give us horrible outsourcing customer service, charge us more for the products, limit our use of the products, lessen the content of the updates, make us continue to use your products by predatory tactics, etc . . . Did Adobe and others like them, come to this by emulating tobacco and oil companies?

One good thing as I recall reading back in November, was the speculation that other companies would be given the impetus to create products to compete with Photoshop.  Glory hallelujah!  And yep some have and that is where I am headed.

“So, Adobe, thank you for listening”?  I don’t think so, more like Adobe, kiss my . . . . . !