My first interest in photography came about as a result of going to the movies every week with my mother and aunt. The stories, the adventures and the emotions all had an impact on me. However there was something else that reached inside of me. It was the light! Not just sitting in a darkened movie theatre and watching the flickering light on the screen. No for me it was the way the movie was lit and photographed.

Early on I developed more of an interest in some movies over others. It was always the ones where the film makers had taken greater care in setting up the scenes and in lighting them with mood and atmosphere. In these films I also found myself seeing certain scenes as separate entities, where everything came together to form a story for just that moment. This love for the movies has stayed with me throughout my life and is still a source of inspiration to me.

When I was 12 years old I came across a photograph of a racing car in a magazine. What struck me was how much it conveyed. The photographer in just this single image, had captured a sense of speed, of place, the beauty of the design and engineering of the car, and the set determination of the driver. I was immediately struck by the similarity to those special scenes in my favorite films. Suddenly in this photograph I discovered a passion and a purpose for my life. Capturing and creating those moments.

This experience was a big turning point for me, and the beginning of a life long pursuit into the art of photography. At first, I started absorbing all the photo books I could get my hands on, to see how skilled photographers were making their ‘moments’, in their own unique ways.

Later on I was able to get formal training at Brooks Institute of Photography in California. Then afterwards I honed my skills as a commercial photo assistant in Los Angeles, and as a photographer and location scout for the film industry. It has been my passion and inspiration all these years.

At this stage in my life, I have set myself a goal. To share that passion and inspiration, which was awakened in me so long ago, with others. Whether it is to take up photography or another art form, or just to stop and see the beauty in our world. ‘Let there be light’, and yes also to marvel at the light!

Mostly though I hope to share visually what has inspired me during my journey through life. Thank you for visiting my site. Please feel welcome to come back again.


Jim Gamblin